The Universe of A23

All Roads that Twist and Turn in the Center of Tel Aviv, Lead you Towards a Hidden, Mysterious Universe – The A23

Rooms & Suites

A23 is a Tel Aviv experience like no other, where an Italian-inspired boutique hotel becomes your own personal heaven for rest and relaxation.

a23 Local Blend

The a23 bistro at the front of the hotel offers dishes as diverse as they are delicious. From Mediterranean breakfasts to exclusive selection of wines, you’ll find a menu that’s both intriguing and satisfying.

Bellezza 23 Spa

Take a break from the outside world and pamper yourself. Quiet your thoughts. Relax your mind. Rejuvenate your body. Live in the moment. In the midst of the busy city, you will find solace inside the A23 Boutique Hotel Spa .

Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps

Spending time in Tel Aviv means having the opportunity to discover a city where worlds come together in harmony – the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the historic and modern, the religious and secular, and much, much more

Explore. Wander. Disapper.
The Great Escape You'll Remember.

The ``Secret Garden``

Featuring unique furniture and design elements, this tranquil natural hideaway at the back of the hotel offers you the chance to relax and refresh with chilled water, free Wi-Fi, and service direct from the a23 restaurant.